House Tour Part I // Before

Welcome to our new home!!!  As I mentioned last Friday, during my blogging hiatus, we weren't really really in the market, but we found a house, bought it and moved in!  Yep, it's been a whirlwind of a year!  We've been here for just about two months, so of course lots of work and projects have already commenced, but today I'm sharing all the "before" photos.  This is what the house looked like on inspection day, so there is some sparse furniture from the previous owners.  

When you walk in the front door, you are looking straight into the kitchen.  I have already updated the door from it's beautiful saffron state, added a pretty rug and lots of function.  Still to come, swapping out that weird, stubby little fan and eventually updating the floors.   

Obviously, this is the kitchen, you can see the fridge in the forefront of the photo above so if you are looking in from the front door, you'll see the sink and window.  I've already shared a peak of the updates I've made on instagram.  I teamed up with Valspar to give the cabinets a facelift.  I cannot wait to share more of the after photos!  

On the other side of the kitchen peninsula is the dining room, which flows back to the front of the house and the entry area.  One gripe I had with the house was that there is no front closet, and a pet peeve of mine is coats draped over the kitchen table, like they were in my house growing up.  The photo below is looking from the living room to the front of the house, the entry way is to the left of the doorway and the to the right is the door to the garage. 

People always talk about the kitchen being the heart of the home, but we're tv people, so for us, I would say, it's the living room.  We loved the high ceilings and the exposed beams, but the pine boards were a little much for me.  If you follow me, you know that we have already freshened up the ceiling.  The floors are darker than my tastes, but we'll be living with them for a while.

To the left of the front door is the "formal living room," actually the original living room.  You walk up two steps and see the stone fireplace, which currently has a wood burning stove, but we plan to turn it back into a regular fireplace eventually.

On the right of this photo, the far doorway is the basement and the other door is the downstairs bathroom.

At the foot of the stairs is an alcove that we think used to be a bedroom, now it functions as a little office area.  

I am in the throws of working on a complete, budget, overhaul on the downstairs bathroom.  I can't wait to share!  

The basement is small, about a third of the house, with nice storage, this built in bar area and laundry.  I have big visions for the space, but it's at the bottom of the list at the moment.  

Tomorrow I'll take you around the upstairs.