House Tour Part II // Before

Yesterday I shared the before tour of the main floor of the house.  Today I'm taking you upstairs.  

First up, the master bedroom, spacious, with nice floors and lighting, but a lot of design challenges.  First, the giant, obnoxious AC unit.  Second, the closets are built into the slope of the roof, so they run the length of the wall and are broken up into three sections.  In totality, they are quite roomy, but it's a little annoying to have them broken up, rendering that entire wall as unusable space.  Finally, the window is not quite in the center of the room, so I have only come up with two spots for the bed, centered under the window, which is probably about two feet closer to the entrance than it is to the far wall, which feels very un-fung shui to me, or on the far wall with the foot of the bed pointing at the door, and in that case, I have no idea where to put the TV.  I am very open to suggestions.  Currently, the bed is positioned under the window.   

The master bath is small, but updated.  I don't love the tile color, but what I really hate is the lack of storage, there literally is none!  Of course this was the first problem we tackled upon moving in. 

The second bedroom is roomy and bright with lots of ceiling interest and nice view of the street.  Currently, this is my workspace, and is the one room where I still have unpacking to do.  Eeek. 

The hallway bathroom upstairs is just a half bath, with an awkwardly built linen closet, the smallest pedestal sink (PS whoever renovated this house hated storage and loved pedestal sinks), and golden yellow walls.  I plan to change out the mirror and freshen this room up with a fun paint color and art.  In a year or two, I think adding a tub/shower to this bathroom will be our first real renovation.

The third bedroom, the small quirky one is Ollie's.  It actually looks much bigger with furniture, and is the perfect kid-sized room. 

I guess I failed to take any shots of the large yard and patio, but aside from that, this is our home!  I am so happy to call it ours and to do whatever I want to it, because we are the owners!  Keep following my instagram to see updates and my latest projects.