Travel Diary // Athens

At the end of our trip we spent a day in Athens.  We heard a lot of mixed reviews about Athens.  Some said, "it's dirty."  Others claimed they enjoyed it, but the consensus was that we only needed a day.  That said, I wish we had two.  

Since our flight was at an ungodly hour the following morning, we stayed near the airport, directly across from the airport, actually, at Sofitel, which was a really nice hotel, pretty and clean, with good food and a pool for Oliver.  

We took a train to the city center, Syntagma Square, and walked the essential sights from there. 

We only had a limited time so we headed straight for the must-sees.  A view of the Acropolis from below. 

We started with the Temple of Zeus.  

We were amazed that these ancient carvings are still legible today!

This is the Dionysos Theater, considered the world's oldest theater, and can seat 17,000 people!

Some of us were bored by the history.

some of us were more enthusiastic.

One thing is for sure, it was HOT!  Poor baby didn't have much escape on top of that hill, and we quickly headed back down to shade, water and rest, but then we lost each other!  I stopped to take a photo, Kyle just walked a few feet a head and stopped to wait for me, and  I walked right past him.  It was probably the scariest moment in my travels.  He didn't have text message or cell capabilities.  We were wandering around looking for each other for nearly an hour!  I stated asking strangers if they saw a man with a baby, some nice people pointed me in the right direction and eventually we were reunited, but not after some time spent panicking. 

This photo pretty much sums up the entire trip, Greek women (and men too) fawning over Oliver, and him eating it up.  

After seeing the Parthenon, we explored the shops and streets of Monastiraki.  Lots of little souvenir shops and cute little restaurants line the streets.  The neighborhoods just beyond the tourist haven were adorable and quaint and reminded us a lot of Rome, one of our favorite places.  Unfortunately we did not have much time to walk around and enjoy the city outside of the major attractions.  

We ended with a quiet dinner way off the beaten path.  Despite the long, hot day, there were lots of smiles. 

This trip already seems so long ago, and he has changed so much since it.  I am already scheming and plotting our next adventure!