DIY // Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

If you know me, you'll know just how excited I am for my baby to be able to draw, paint, be creative and craft with me.  Well, I start 'em early.  This year we made extra special Christmas ornaments for grandma and grandpa's tree.  Spoiler, I did most of the work, but Ollie got to get his hand in (literally) these sweet DIY ornaments. 



STEP 1: Roll out the clay

STEP 2: Use your cutter to make a circle.  I pulled out the cookie cutter, but my baby's hand was too big for it, so I used a small planter/bucket.  But note that the thinner the rim, the better it cuts. 

STEP 2: Make a hole for the ribbon.  You may have to work the chopstick and insert from both sides.

STEP 3: Because my cutter was not very fine, I had to do some trimming and smoothing.  I just wet my finger to smooth out the ridges. 

STEP 4: After 3 ornaments, I still didn't master the handprint technique, but spread out their little fingers and quickly set them in the clay, then push down each finger and the palm before lifting.  Oliver wanted to dig his little finger tips in, so the handprint is very imperfect, but that's what you get for crafting with a 10-month-old.

STEP 5: Use the stamps to spell out your message.  We put "1st Christmas" across the top and "Oliver 2015" at the bottom and that was about as much as we could fit.

STEP 6: I used the pen tool in Illustrator to trace a profile photo of Oliver, but you could absolutely print the photo, grab a piece of paper, tape them both to a window (in the day light) and trace his profile.  Or you could use a light box as well.

STEP 7: Another optional step, I used my Cricut to easily cut the shape and make a template, but you could use an X-acto Knife.

STEP 8: Trace the silhouette on the ornament.

STEP 9: Paint the silhouette.

STEP 10: String a ribbon and tie it up!

Hang it on the tree!