Our Living Room

I am so excited to share a few shots of our living room that I snapped this weekend.  This is hands down, our favorite room in the house, and definitely the one closest to being "finished."  The biggest change we made to this room, besides bringing in furniture was to paint the ceiling.  This was something that my husband didn't necessarily want, but I was steadfast on.  I loved the room, but not the cabin-like feel that the ceiling provided.  So, in the 18 hours between the time we got the keys and the time we moved in, we put a primer and a first coat on the ceiling.  And, in a marathon weekend after moving, we put up a second coat to finish the job.  


The only new pieces in this room are actually the two Ikea hacks (more on those coming up), but I the space and the feel of the room are night and day from our old place.  Before it felt very squished, but now it's open and airy and despite the dozens of toys around, it feels (almost) minimal.  

Living Room 1
Living Room 2
Living Room 3
Living Room 4
Living Room 5

I love being in this room, but there are still a few updates I would like to make as we get to them.  I wish I bought a bigger rug.  This one, doesn't really fit the scale of the room.  Since it's a relatively inexpensive rug, we'll probably live with it for a couple of years, but I will definitely replace it with something bigger.  I would also like to change out the light fixtures.  I excitedly bought this Grand Brass kit I'd been coveting, planning to swap the chandelier for the fan, and replace the small lights with two small fans, however, the fan is wired to a remote on the wall, and it seems a lot more involved than my limited fixture swapping can take on.  

Living Room 6

Sofa: West Elm / pillows: Urban Outfitters / Leather Chair: West Elm / Coffee Table: CB2 / Accordion Table: vintage / lucite side table: CB2 / rug: Target / pouf: Amazon / fauxdenza: DIY Ikea Hack / hanging chair: Craigslist / desk: DIY Ikea Hack