Outfit Idea // Leopard Maxi Dress and Blazer

Sometimes you just want to walk through Greenwich village pretending you are a musician opening for Bob Dylan, and sometime you actually do.  I'm just missing the guitar, but printed maxi and brimmed hat screams 1960's folk singer all the way.  I added the camel blazer to make the look polished and more sophisticated.  While my wardrobe has largely swung toward a classic style, there are bohemian pieces I still adore and I may never stop wearing.  This leopard dress is one example.  I don't fancy myself as a leopard print girl, but when I saw this dress hanging in the window at H&M several years back, I ran in and bought it on the spot.  The silhouette is one that I am absolutely obsessed with and will never tire of.  Keep scrolling to get the look. 

leopard dress and blazer
leopard dress
Jerome Dreyfuss Bag
leopard maxi dress
leopard maxi dress