Playroom Design Ideas

I've been thinking a lot about the next project I want to tackle.  I actually have three of them on the docket at the moment, but of the three the playroom seems to be the most fun.  I'm turning our from "formal living room" into the playroom.  Its right in the front of the house, to the right when you walk in the door, so I want this room to integrate seamlessly into the rest of the house design.  I also want there to be plenty of easy storage, since there is no door to close off the mess, I want things to be simple and functional.  Below are a few inspirational images for this space.  They all have clean, neutral bases, with pops of color layered subtlety.  They all modern, for the most part, with touches of eclectic textiles and textures.  Keep scrolling to see my e-design for this room. 

black and white playroom
white playroom with pops of color
bright furniture
Neutral playroom

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Playroom Design Idea

1. Bookshelf: CB2 // 2. wood car: Land of Nod // 3. pom pom mobile: Land of Nod // 4. armadillo stuffed animal: Land of Nod // 5. cati: Etsy // 6. book: amazon // 7. storage boxes: Land of Nod // 8. rug: Etsy // 9. table: amazon // 10. easel: Amazon // 11. storage bench: Ikea