Fashion Week Street Style

One of my all-time favorite pasttimes of my time in fashion culture is combing through the spectacle that is New York City Fashion Week street style and this season did not disappoint.  While I wasn't particularly inspired overall, I was happy to see a shift from the minimalist cool-girl fashion that has reigned for the past few years.  Shift is probably not the right word, because fashion has taken a hard left from minimalism to complete maximalism!  The satement coat was out in full force.  And we're not just talking fur or a bright color, we are talking mixing and patching, color-blocking, colored fur, and it just gets kookier from there. 

The fashion glitteratti didn't have it easy this season, the temps fluctuated from -15 all the way to 55 degrees!  The fashionistas had to pack and prepare for everything!  Heels had to battle snow, rain, slush and wind.  Layers, big scarves, and little little neckties and statement coats were the big trend winners on the concrete runways.  

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