Oliver Rome 1 Year Update

Last Thursday, my baby turned one!  One year has past since I gave birth to little Oliver.  This year has gone by so fast, yet I truly can't remember life with out him.  He is the sweetest boy, and he is a boy, not a baby anymore.  I was making dinner last night and he was walking around the kitchen with a sippy cup in one hand and a cracker in the other, and that's when it hit me that he's a toddler.  

1 Year of Baby Photos

Oliver is always smiling and giggling, like always.  He responds with a chuckle full of innocence when we tell him "no."  He has the silliest laugh when Maggie, our dog, brings him a toy or rolls around on the bed, or even knocks him over. Oliver, or Ollie as we usually call him, is such a delightful part of our lives.  We really lucked out with his easy-going nature.  He loves watching youtube videos of Elmo, Kermit, and dad's favorite, Fall Out Boy.  His favorite things include books, dogs and bath time. 

Ollie ate everything out of the gate and has since refined his palette to eliminate veggies.  He loves crackers, ravioli, yogurt and PB&J.  He gets a little mischievous at meal time, tossing all of his unwanted bites to the dog and giggling when we tell him "no."  One of the few times he gets upset is when his cracker appetizer hasn't satisfied him and he can't wait one more second for dinner to be ready. 

At just past 10 months Oliver started sleeping through the night consistently and has done so since.  Hallelujah!  Nap time on the other hand... at daycare he is a napping machine, but on the weekends, not so much.  Though we are slowly improving that. 

Oliver took his first steps at about 10 1/2 months, and really started going around 11 1/2.  Watching him waddle around and explore has been such a sweet thing to see.  He gets super clingy to my legs as I try to make dinner, which with a dog also under your feet has it's challenges.

I am obsessed with his sweet babbling, his sloppy kisses and his scrunchy-nosed grin.  I am so excited to watch this boy continue to grow and learn and make us so proud.  Tantrums aside, I cannot wait to see what year 2 of mommy-hood has to offer!   

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