Wear now / Wear Later // Midi Skirts

The secret sauce to looking dressed up and in style with out being overly stuffy, midi skirts.  Styled right, this rarely worn wardrobe staple can be styled up, styled down taken from day to night, preppy to modern with just a swap of layers.  Wear this style now as we start transitioning to spring and wear later in the heat of summer.  Midi skirts are the new maxi skirts, so shave those legs and get ready to show your ankles.  Here are 4 different styles of midi skirts you can wear now and wear later. 

Leather Pencil Skirt

Pleated Skirt

A-Line Skirt

Pencil Skirt

photos: Leather pencil: winter / summer // pleated: winter / summer // A line: winter / summer // pencil: winter /