Favorite Podcasts

Do you guys love podcasts as much as I do?  I feel like a couple years back I got fatigued of listening to my same old music and I discovered something so so good, podcasts!  On demand radio.  The podcast world is growing daily and the niche content is endless!  But, to me, it's hard to find what you're looking for.  Several of the shows below I was introduced to by other podcasts also on my list below. Totally new content is not as easy to find as you would think, so, I'm sharing my favorites, nine shows that I listen to religiously, who make the week go by a lot faster.   Hope you find something good. 

1. The Lively Show - This bubbly 30-something feels like my bestie a lot of times, a fellow Michigander, she also feels like my mentor in business and life too.  Her podcast began with lots of entrepreneurs and amazing women and has now evolved to be more in line with her main message, which is living life with intention.  This podcast is released every Thursday and supplemental shorts on Tuesdays, and I look forward to it every week.  I find myself inspired and often googling, and even tweeting her guests after the show.  

The Lively Show

2. Happier - Sisters Gretchen Ruben, the author behind "The Happiness Project" and her sister, TV writer Elizabeth Craft explore (mostly) light-hearted life hacks.  Diving into everything from personality types to what to do with Christmas cards post-holidays.  This is a podcast about first world problems, but I certainly enjoy their tips and tricks every Wednesday. 


3. Serial - I definitely got on the Serial train last year and I rode it all the way home, back to Michigan in fact, Kyle and I listened to season one the entire ride and the drive never went by so fast.  If you don't already know, Serial is one story told week-by-week, so you shouldn't just jump in in the middle.  Like many, I was introduced to this podcast through This American Life and was hooked.  Season one was about a highs schooler accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and had so many good nuggets to dive into, however season two is not quite as interesting to me.  That doesn't stop me from tuning in every other week. 

Serial Podcast

4. TED Radio Hour - Extended and expanded TED Talks on every topic under the sun, explored by really smart and interesting people.  Some subjects will probably interest you more than others, but I find value in listening to every episode, which comes out every Friday. 

Ted Radio Hour

5. The Life Coach School - I was introduced to host, Brooke Castillo through the Lively Show (here's a link to that episode), she is a life and wight loss coach.  She may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's not an understatement to say that her message is changing my life.  She is a straight shooter who teaches how to retrain your brain to control your thoughts, thus feeling better.  Brooke dives into topics like ambition, self esteem and goal setting.  This podcast is posted every Thursday and is so so good.  I often listen two and three times so the message really seep in. 

The Life Coach School

6. The Longest Shortest Time - A podcast about all things parenting.  Host, Hilary Frank, explores C-sections, sex and parenting and, in one episode, even parents who live in a sorority house.  As a new mom, I am the perfect listener, but there is plenty for people veteran parents and even people with out kids.  It's usually a fun listen and often light-hearted.  This podcast is released every Wednesday.  

Longest Shortest Time

7. StartUp - Another member of the This American Life crew branched off to do their own thing, and like Serial, it's really good.  Season one followed Alex Blumberg as he started his own podcast company, Gimlet Media, through all the mundane details like choosing a name and finding an investor.  It's all very interesting.  Season two tracks an online dating company called Dating Ring. 


8. This American Life - the classic.  The podcast that introduced people to podcasts.  I was listening to this show years before any of the others.  Ira Glass hosts impeccably curated weekly shows, usually consisting of three "acts" or stories all under the umbrella of one topic.   Released on Mondays.

This American Life

9. Bachelor Party Podcast - My guilty pleasure podcast about my guilty pleasure TV show.  Part of Bill Simmons' new space, Channel 33, on SoundCloud, Bachelor Party is Bachelor and reality recap podcasts are popping up all over the internet.  My husband and I have been listening to this one (and it's previous version) for a few years now.  Listening to host, Juliet Litman, is like gabbing to your bestie about your favorite shows.  She strikes a perfect balance of silliness and professionalism and gives a good interview.  This is exactly what you want in your guilty pleasure podcast.  Released every week.