Oliver's 1st Birthday Info Graphic

I am completely smitten with this little project.  Way back when I was still pregnant, I pinned this inspiration and obsessed over how adorable it was, so I knew I wanted to do something similar for our little babe when the time came.  It's such a sweet cheat sheet of all his 1st year happenings, and as evident below, there were a lot!  So with some photoshop assistance from a friend/graphic guru I made this adorable info graphic of Oliver's first year and we sent them out as thank yous for his birthday.  I really started slacking on the baby journaling after five months, and I, the queen of scrapbooks, have not started a baby book, so this page helps us remember all about the first year of baby.  

1st Birthday Info Graphic

I truly owe the credit of this amazing idea to my inspiration, Life Love and Lucy.  Here is her Etsy shop, where you can order your own personalized baby info-graphic.