Ikea Hack // Mid Century Dresser

Our upstairs hallway bath is one of the first major remodel projects I want to tackle down the road.  Eventually I hope to add a shower and make it more functional as a kids bath.  But for now, I changed out the mirror, and painted over the horrid gold color that was on the wall with some navy paint I actually had left over from our apartment in the city.  The bathroom is pretty small, but it was also completely empty, so I decided it needed a little dresser, but since this room is used so rarely, I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  Enter this week's edition of #kosterhouse Ikea Hacks!  

I just loved what Sarah Sherman Samuel did with her Tarva dresser for her son's nursery.  I took that idea and put my own spin on it for our little hallway bathroom.  I opted for the smaller, three drawer model.  Like Sarah, I painted, shaped the legs and changed out the hardware.  Keep reading to get the step by step.      

Ikea Hack Dresser


STEP 1: Assemble the dresser, but do not add the base, the legs or the knobs.

STEP 2: Fill the knob holes with spackling.  Let dry, then sand smooth.

STEP 3: Spray paint the body and drawers.  I recommend taping off the insides to keep them looking nice.  You will probably need a couple coats.

STEP 4: measure and drill for your new wider pulls.

STEP 4: Cut the legs on an angle.  I used a miter saw, but my blade wasn't big enough for a smooth cut.  I worked, but I don't think it's the best tool for this job.

Ikea Hack Legs

STEP 5: Pre-stain/Stain the legs and base.  

Minwax Stain

STEP 6: Finish assembly

Ikea Hack Dresser