Father's Day Gift Guide

Hey ladies, do you struggle with knowing what to get your guy (or your dad) for Father's Day?   Cue the hand raised emoji.  I definitely do!  Men, they're just so hard to buy for.  On any given day, there is a mental list of things that I want, my husband, he can't even tell me what he wants from the grocery store as I walk out the door.  Since he can't decide for himself what he wants, I have decided for him, and rounded up a list of things that even he didn't know he wanted.  

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. I stumbled upon these Shwood sunglasses in the depths of a pinterest spiral.  They are made from Louisville Slugger bats!  For a baseball fan, I can't think of anything cooler!

2. Why should women's wallets have all the fun?  Hershel has so options beyond brown leather, like this stripy guy

3. Have you ever seen a more dapper bocce ball set

4. He definitely didn't know he needed a leather cooler.  

5. Just as I said in item 2, why can't men have more fun accessories?  Starting with some summer party kicks

6. We are not lucky enough to have a flat screen mounted in our back yard, but dad still wants to see the score of the game as he mans the grill.  This portable projector is the perfect solution.  Pair it with his favorite streaming service for bonus points!