Clean Beauty // Skin care routine

This week I plan to get a little more personal than I usually do and check in with the goals I made for myself in 2016.  I'll start with something a little less revealing, my newly-adapted clean beauty routine.  One of my goals for 2016 was to start moving toward cleaner products.  I knew I wasn't going throw everything away and start over, so as I finish a product, I replace with something better for my skin and body.  For my skin care, with the exception of prescriptions, has almost completely shifted to clean products.  My make-up regimen has been a slower change.  What do I define as clean?  I use the Think Dirty app, and I try not to buy anything with a score over a 4.  Here are the products I'm into thus far.  

Clean Beauty

1. Aveda Stress-fix body lotion -  It's easy to assume all Aveda products are good for you, because they are so good at marketing, but it's just not true.  This lotion however does meet my criteria.  It's nice and light and smells just like you expect an Aveda product to smell.

2. Arzoyi Argon Oil - this is what I use to moisturize my face before bed.  I was afraid to make the shift to oil at first, fearing break outs, but that has not happened at all.  I use an argon oil I brought back from Morocco on my body as well.

3. Suntegrity 5-in-1 moisturizing face Sunscreen - I love this product for so many reasons!  It has sunscreen, without that oily residue I notice in other SPF moisturizers and it's tinted for a little coverage, especially great for the days I don't want to wear make-up.  

4. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap -  If you've done any research into clean beauty products, you've seen this on many lists.  It's the magic soap with a million and one uses.  I mostly use it for body wash, the smell is strong, but it fades quickly and the peppermint leaves you feeling clean and tingly.  

5. John Masters Organics Shampoo -  I don't miss anything from old, shampoo with this product.  It leaves my hair feeling clean, but not weighed down and never with a residue.