What we're packing for Oliver for Iceland

It's just about here!  We leave for our family trip to Iceland in just a few days!  I am could not be more excited to escape with my boys!  Iceland in early September is about 55 degrees, with a low of upper 40s.  Unfortunately Oliver, now 1 1/2 has only been wearing shorts and t-shirts for the last three months and has outgrown nearly all of his warmer clothes, so we had to basically buy his entire fall wardrobe in preparation for this trip.  Full disclosure, we were down to one pair of shoes that fit, Crocs.  So we bought a pair of sneakers and a pair of the cutest stinking hiking boots I've ever seen!  I packed a variety of layering pieces a medium-weight jacket, and of course he needs a swim suit for the blue lagoon!  I can't wait to share our photos and I'll be sure to update you on the packing lessons learned upon on return!  Don't forget to follow along on instagram!   

Iceland Packing List