Traveling to Iceland with a Toddler

I shared everything we did in Iceland, but I wanted to share a few tips about traveling to Iceland and specifically traveling to Iceland with a toddler.  All in all, I would say it's a great place for a toddler if your kid can handle the car.  My husband helped out to come up with 10 tips we learned this time around.  

Reykjavik with a toddler
  1.  Schedule a flight to coincide with bedtime or naptime.  
  2. Load up the iPad. We are pretty middle of the road when it comes to watching videos on devices, we try not to use it too much, but when you’re on the plane or on a road trip, you just might need it to get you all through.
  3. Keep a change of clothes at the ready at all times. I know this is parent 101, but something we rarely do. We an incident on both the inbound and the outbound flight and definitely needed them.
  4. A place like Iceland, you definitely need a baby carrier. He can’t hike on cliffs or be pushed in a stroller around a waterfall. Be sure he is comfortable in the carrier. The last time we used the carrier before this trip was several months ago, and he was not into it.
  5. . Pack snacks. My kid is only picky sometimes, and I never know when it’s going to strike.  Somehow he seems to know the American Ritz from the Icelandic Ritz and was basically on a hunger strike most of the trip. I wish we had packed a few more things that I was 100% confident he would eat.
  6. I like this one from Kyle - Don't let comments from others psyche you out, "oh wow you're brave" -- they usually mean well but dont know what to say when you say you're traveling with a toddler.
  7. Budget your time realistically knowing a kid slows you down.  It's usually safe to plan one thing before nap time and one thing after, but more than that, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  
  8. Along the same lines, be flexible. Kid doesnt know there's an itinerary (try to
    experience it through his or his eyes).
  9. Pay a little extra to stay close to where the action is.  It will make your life easier when you have to run back for naps or any other number of reasons. 
  10.  Less is more.  Hotels have cribs/pack'n'plays, car rental places have carseats, stores have diapers.  There is no need to lug those things half way around the world.    
Reykjavik with a toddler
Iceland with a toddler
Iceland with a Toddler
Iceland with a Toddler

What are your best tips for traveling with kids?