Refresh // Relationships

Today is my birthday!  I am officially 30-something.  It’s fitting that today I am reflecting on the wonderful people in my life and how I want to cultivate those relationships over the next year.  I’m not one to let a friendship go, so there are a lot of them out there, but as we get older and grow our families and move away it’s easy to lose touch and grow apart.  With social media it feels like everyone is in your life, because you witness their lives online, trouble is you haven’t even met their two-year-old, and they are pregnant with their second!  Time moves too fast.  It happens to the best of us.  I would like to make an effort nurture those relationships, whether we have a weekly group text about The Bachelor, drinks every other month or work on a fun project together.  Each relationship is different, special and meaningful and can grow with not all that much effort.   

Undeclared Panache

 More locally, as busy parents, it gets easy to slip into a business-like relationship in our marriage, most of our conversations revolve around what we need from the store and what each other’s schedules are that week.  Back in 2010, Kyle and I made a “fun pact,” that I don't think we've exactly been adhering to.  I would very much like to resurrect that pact.  Last year at the urging of my life coach (yes, I have a life coach, and Geri Gibbons is amazing), I made a list of 20 ways to be more playful with my husband, I resolve to incorporate them into our everyday lives.  In conclusion, intend to put a lot more positive energy into our relationship and being as spontaneous as we possibly can with a two-year old.

 Finally, my family relationships.  My dad had a stem cell transplant about 3 months ago.  He's recovering now, but seeing him frail and weak has been very tough.  Despite his physical health, he has been steadfastly in good spirits.  I would like to reflect the positive energy back to my loving dad, instead of harping on the unhealthy habits he continues to practice.  In 2017, I am once and for all realizing that my family are who they are.  We are a like in many ways and different in many ways, but I can’t change them.  So I will resolve to accept them and love them unconditionally.

 It’s going to be a lot of work refreshing all my relationships, but it feels great to put it out in the universe.