Ikea Hack // Kid's Play Kitchen

Oliver turned 2 last week!  If you haven't been following along, we celebrated in Disney World!  More to come on that, but before we left we gave the birthday boy his gift, a play kitchen.  Every time we've gone to a friend's who has one, he runs right to it.  He also tells me literally everyday that he makes pizza in the kitchen at school, plus if you ever look at my Instagram stories, you will know he loves to help momma make dinner and bake cakes.  I knew I wanted to get him one for his birthday, and I knew it had to be a special one.  So I called in the DIY guns to hack the Ikea Duktig kid's play kitchen and styled it out with a few lovely details, including this felt letter menu.  Keep reading to find out exactly what I did and to see adorable photos of Ollie opening his present.  

Ikea Hack Kids Kitchen
Ikea hack kitchen
Ikea Hack Kids kitchen
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Ikea Kids Kitchen Hack
Ikea Kids Kitchen Hack


Before assembly, spray paint the the base and shelf pieces.  All pieces that are not already white, except for the counter top.  

Kids Ikea Kitchen Hack
Kids Ikea Kitchen Hack

I sanded, pre-stained and stained the counter top to make it a few shades darker

Kids Ikea Kitchen Hack
Kids Ikea Kitchen Hack

The subway tile backsplash is actually foam board with sharpie drawn tiles!  I was planning something much more complicated, but I had these supplies and it looks just as good as what I was thinking.  

Once you assemble, replace the plastic handles with the metal ones, using the extra bolts (not the ones that come with the knobs). 

Drill three holes under the stove to add the knobs.  

Style with charm!