Travel Diary // Disney

Last month we took a family trip to Disney World to celebrate Ollie's 2nd birthday.  I grew up going to Disney, but Kyle and his family had never been.  I was so excited to be there as they got to experience the Disney magic.  And I have no words for how happy watching Oliver's face light up made me.  He ran up to every character and showered them with hugs, kisses, high-fives and squeezes.  This boy never stops amazing me with his giant heart and I am grateful that we were able to take him, and grateful for our sake that in three days of park-going, staying up late and no naps, he didn't even have an episode that I would classify as a "melt down."

1st family photo at Disney!
Magic Kingdom
Disney Trip
Buzz Lightyear
DISNEY 3.jpg
Family Selfie
Ollie and Dad
Disney 1
Disney 2
Animal Kingdom
Pool side hang
Dad+Son at Animal Kingdom