One Room Challenge // The Floors

I have shared my plans, but haven't shared too much of my progress for the One Room Challenge.  That is largely because it's been a lot of shuffling things around while I painted the walls.  After returning from spending almost two weeks in Michigan with my family I fell pretty far behind, but this last week has been full steam ahead.  In case you want to go back and check out my previous posts

And that leads me to today's topic, one of the biggest undertakings of my garage project was the floors.  It was quite a process, but I am so happy with the end result.  I partnered with Rust-oleum to use their Rocksolid Marble Floor Coating kit.  I choose the lightest color they had "Mountain White."  I love the results, but I did have a few hiccups along the way.  Here's what you need and how I did it and the things I learned.  This first photo is the after. 

One Room Challenge Floor Refinishing
Rust-oleum Rocksolid Floor Coating Kit

You'll need:

1. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.  After clearing everything out, I swept several times.  I mopped with soap and water twice, then I started the concrete etching kit.  

2. Follow the instructions to mix the concrete etching solution with water.  Use a scrub brush to scrub the floors.  I actually did this twice too.  They say to use a hose, but unfortunately my hose does not reach, so I scrubbed a few more times with plain water.  Repeat this step until clean.

Garage Floor Refinishing

3.  Let the floor dry completely

4. There are two Polycuramine Burst Pouches, each with two parts.  Mix each pouch individually, then roll part A into part B and mix very well, do this for both sets.  

Rust-oleum Rocksolid Floor finishing

5. pour one color into one side of the roller tray.  Then pour the other color into the other side of the roller tray.

Rust-oluem Rocksolid Floor Coating Kit

6. Use a paint brush to edge the room, blotting the colors together to get the marbled effect.


7. Use the provided roller to roll paint in M and W patterns, layering the colors, but not mixing them completely.  

Rust-oleum Rocksolid Floor
Rust-oleum Rocksolid garage floor
  • A few things I learned:  I was under somewhat of a time crunch for this project, had I had more time, I would have allowed additional time for the floor to dry.  The floor had some bubbles after drying, not sure why, once I walked on the floor the bubbles popped and you can't see them anymore.  You can see the photo below.
  • I am not sure when the best time to do this project is.  For me, it was early May and there is all kinds of spring crap falling from the trees.  Some particles inevitably blew on to my tacky floors and made a mess. 
  • Be sure you start at the back point of the room to avoid boxing yourself in.  
  • As the instructions warn you, you'll need to work quickly, as the product hardens quickly.  
One Room Challenge