Things Ollie Says

This kid of mine!  Life with him keeps getting better and better.  Two and half is the best age!  Oliver can carry on a conversation.  The silliest things pop into his head at any given moment.  He can't hang up any FaceTime call without hugging and kissing each and every person on the other line.  Oliver is about 90% potty trained!!  Woo Who!  He thanks me every day for making him dinner and he is obsessed with baseball.  His favorite toys are the silly little toys he gets from McDonalds or Walgreens.  Ollie takes the better part of an hour to put to bed.  He likes to fake cry then watch himself doing so in the mirror.  Seriously.  He is just so fun and I am so lucky to be his mama.  Now, some of the silly and hilarious things I've heard come out of Ollie's mouth lately.

Kids are funny

We went shopping at Old Navy the other day and he told his dad: "We went to Old Lady, Dad."

We sat down to dinner the other day and Ollie say's, "Okay guys, let's talk."  /   we say: "what do you want to talk about?"  /   Ollie: "school."

I came home from work the other day and he ran up to me and said, "Oh!  I like your dress, mom!  Nice dress!"

A muppet came on a comercial and Ollie says: "Name!(?)"   /  I say: ugh...Bob.  /  Ollie: Bob Seger!  

Not sure where he got this one, and I've been trying to get to the bottom of it.  When he is having trouble climbing on to our bed he says, "I'm not drunk, mom."

The other day he was driving is battery powered VW bus around, abruptly stopped and exclaimed, "I got to get gas!"

Kyle talks about baseball to Oliver on the daily.  When asked who his favorite Tiger is, he has said "Ian Kinser" (lead-off batter and 2nd base) since the beginning of the season.  The other day, Kyle got him out of bed and unprompted the very first thing Ollie says: José Iglesias, favorite Tiger.  /   Kyle: What about Ian Kinsler?    /   Ollie: Huh...No.  José Iglesias.

photo: A. Fatouros Photography