Is Grease the word?

I was at a fashiony party a few weeks ago, which meant lots of fabulous, fashionable gay men on the cutting edge of New York fashion. I wish I took photos, but I've summed it up in pictures below.

I noticed two major trends. The first was the was represented by the American Apparelesque models wearing simple, super tight jeans and deep V neck t-shirts. It was so T-Birds/Greasers it was painful. Although, they were way too trendy to be as bad ass as their predecessors pictured below who donned the same uniform.

Urban Outfitters

The second trend was all about being "nerd chic." There were cardigans, suspenders, glasses and even bow ties. This look may not have worked for Danny Zuko, but Steve Urkel pulled it off, as does Kayne West. West Elm thinks the look is hip enough to picture in their catalog (since when do they feature people?) and the Satorialist couldn't even find words to describe how cool the look is; there must be something to it.

I buy these trends, if not taken literally.

Stay Gold.