Popping my Blog Cherry

Photo: Vogue
Hi Friends,

I've been really into blogs lately, and keeping up with blogs, and dreaming about starting a blog, and talking to Brian Storming about what I would put on my blog. I wanted to iron out the voice and content and so forth, but as the title suggests, it's "undeclared," it's not all figured out. So, I'm going to blog about style with a sense of humor, much like Barney's tag line "Taste, luxury, humor."

I chose this photo to open with because, let's face it, this girl is stinking cool. She's riding around Paris, not only wearing a hot pair of shoes but carrying a second in her basket. She is chic, but quirky and so fun, she's what I aspire to be for the summer of '08 and in life.

Hope you enjoy reading. Peace.