Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused is one of my absolute favorite movies. The characters are so "every man." In high school we all knew the stoner, the bitch, the jock, etc. They way each set of characters spent their night was ordinary high school mischief, yet I would have loved to be at the Moon Tower in 1976. Just as the setting and the characters (not to mention the soundtrack) are spot on, the wardrobe is also perfect. I'll never forget the montage scene when everyone is getting ready for the party and the girl has to use pliers to zip her jeans. I love the styling of this movie so much that whether 70's style is trending or not I would emulate it. I have chosen some pieces above that I think the stylist his/herself would have picked out. Unless noted otherwise, all can be found at Shopbop.com.