Hot Dogs, American as Apple Pie

Usually on the 4th of July I'm bumming if I'm not in Michigan on a lake, but I discovered that there's another place I like just as much to celebrate America, Coney Island. I tagged along with my neighbors, Crazy Legs and Eater X to watch them participate in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest. It has become a big event, as they show the spectacle live on ESPN, however being there is a far different experience than watching it on TV. From the witty announcer to the after party on the boardwalk, it was a wonderful experience.

There's something about Coney Island that is nostalgic and inexplicably American. I think I'm the only person out of all my friends in New York that have ever actually taken the D train all the way to the amusement park. It's a shame because as tacky as it is, it's an experience not to be missed.