TV and Clothes, I'm in love!

The month of August for fashion lovers is like NFL pre-season for guys. We get all our September magazines, which are always the thickest, most fabulous issues, that contain all the pertinent info to choose our fall wardrobes. While guys get to watch preseason games, figure out their prospects, and prepare for the fantasy drafts. Us ladies have a few go-tos, Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, and so do the boys, Brady, Moss, Bush. It's those unexpecteds that get you the big points though.
I received my copy of Nylon the other day, a magazine perfect for quirky styling and info on the coolest of the cool, but I was shocked at just how much I loved this issue! The entire magazine is TV themed, right up my alley! On each page the writers listed their favorite, opening themes, character's styles, dating shows, etc. My favorite however is character inspired ensembles they put together, below are my favs.

Samantha Stevens from Bewitched

Mr. Rogers

Mary Tyler Moore

Rayanne from My So Called Life