Goldie Locks of Bike Helmets

I don't have hair of gold and I've never eaten porridge, but I've been a little bit of a Goldie Locks when it came to choosing a bike helmet. I've had a bike for about six months now, I ride it everywhere and until this week I was sans helmet. I have gotten a lot of grief about it from my co-workers, friends, family and my conscience. Then when I got in a little bike-on-bike crash I decided it was time to take action. I did a lot of helmet research, tried on a bunch of different styles and below is my photo chronicle of the process.

I like the clean skater styles of these Bern Helmets, almost there.

The sk8er boi (remember that Avril Lavigne song?) graphic is a little scary for me.

Yikes, I look like Optimus Prime!

Here is my final choice, the Bern Muse. I feel like I should be riding something a little more dangerous than a bicycle, say a Vespa, until first.