The City

As one of the biggest fans of "The Hills" and a New Yorker myself, I was ridiculously pumped for "The City's" premier on Monday. I loved Whitney from her very first appearance on "The Hills" as she's a good friend and advise giver, level headed, and worked at Teen Vogue, my personal dream gig. In watching I gathered the following thoughts about about Whitney:
1. Like me she LOVES short skirts
2. She loves to take fashion risks (can say that I agreed with the get-up she sported at The Hills finale party)
2. Can't figure out if she's supposed to be an uptown or downtown girl
3. I love her, but I'm not sure she can carry an entire show, especially with out super villains, Spencer and Heidi.

I loved "The Hills" so much because I feel like Lauren Conrad and I have a lot in common. Plus, I practically grew up with the girl, as I've been watching her life since "Laguna Beach" debuted in 2004. I think I'm going to love "The City" equally as much, but for completely different reasons:
1. MTV is bringing NY stereotypes to the forefront by labeling every character as either "uptown" or "downtown"
2. I can see where the "hot spots" are in NYC according to MTV (even more so as "Real World: Brooklyn" is about to begin)
3. I know I live in Harlem, so everything is downtown to me, but according to MTV, Whitney went to an "Uptown Dinner Party" in Tribecca???
4. Jay is a hunk and looks strikingly similar to Adrian Grenier, which is probably why I like him so much