My look: Spring 2009

Rock'n'Roll Party Queen

At the beginning of every new season I come up with a "look" that I'd like to rock. This spring I'm inspired by a modern, greaser meets soc.
The items on my list to shop for in the next couple months include:
  1. Men's wear jacket with feminine details. I'm especially gunning for a something shiny, satin or sequins
  2. Flirty, textured skirts to compliment the masculine shaped jackets
  3. Body suit to wear as an easy, slim foundation
  4. Classic spectator flats
  5. The perfect pair of white jeans
  6. Stunning platform shoes/booties to add to my over-flowing collection of dangerously tall shoes
  7. Over-the-top necklaces, a la Olivia Palermo from "The City"
  8. Oakley Frogskins, my new sunglasses of the season
P.S. So glad I finally took the time to acquaint myself with Polyvore