Tips from an Idol

In honor of Ms. SJP looking fabulous as ever on the cover the March issue of Bazaar, and offering some very practical tips for a "chic and gracious life" inside, I thought I'd come up with a few tips of my own.
  • Dance as often as possible. Even if you look stupid, you're having a much better time than the person standing on the wall.
  • Print your photos. It's so much more fun to flip through an album than to scroll through a slide show.
  • Don't forget what it is like to feel young, to have a crush, to beat a video game, to skip.
  • Stretch everyday. This has been my New Years resolution for the past few years, and as a runner it should be at the top of my list, however it often falls to the wayside. It's a little thing that takes almost no time, but makes you feel great.
  • Wear what makes you happy, whenever, where ever, no matter how painful the shoes or over dressed you maybe.