Pimp my Camper

Today in New York it's sunny and 65 degrees! Spring is here and as always, I'm dreaming of my next break from the city. Even more so now that I came across this story in the April issue of British Marie Claire.

The first set of photos comes from Helen Carey, her and her husband had this beauty shipped from North Carolina to their summer home on the Isle of Wight (in the English Channel). Helen planned on fixin' her up and renting it out, until she had the brilliant idea of buying a bunch, fixing them all up and beginning a holiday business. Now they have 10 Airstreams plus beach bungalows for rent. Click here for many more beautiful photos and more information.

The second set of photos come from Tracey Bull and her husband Pete. The couple up and left their lives in London, bought the Airstream and took to the road. They planned on traveling for six months and find a new place to settle. Now it's been a year and a half and until the economy settles they are happily living out of their caravan. Follow the couple's journey here.

The third set of photos belongs to Emily Chalmers who bought the former undertaker's van on eBay. The lifestyle shop owner cleaned it up, added her personality and now tools around England on holiday. Here is her adorable shop.

Aside from the beautiful interiors and inspiring accompanying stories, this spread struck a cord with me because I grew up with a camper (or caravan as I learned the British call them) we took it all over, my brothers and I fighting the whole way. I remember what a sad day it was when we finally sold it.

Happy Friday!