Spring Fever!

After beginning the week with the worst snowstorm we've had since I've been in New York and with that, a hefty case of the winter blues, I'm so happy to end the week with five fantastic reasons to be excited for the weekend.

1. St. Patrick's Day festivities start this weekend!!!
Judging by this photo it looks like I began St. Patty's day festivities when I was 6.

2. It's Girl Scout Cookie Season!!!Got a few Samoas coming my way!

3. Daylight Savings Time!!!
We may lose an hour of sleep on Saturday night, but we gain an hour of daylight to play after work.

4. It's going to be warm enough to ride my bike around town!!!

5. I finally made this beauty mine!!!
Can't wait for it's debut.

It seems my winter blues is becoming spring fever!