Dining Area Inspiration

One of the many projects I'm anxious to get going on is the new dining area in my kitchen. Until now I had the kitchen island from my last apartment as the dining surface. I'm headed back to Michigan this weekend and will be bringing back with me a few pieces of furniture to complete my lovely home. Here are some photos I'm taking inspiration from to complete this project.

I only hope my area turns out as beautifully as this photo. Like mine will be, the table is small, but still seats six which is really nice for entertaining. I also love the simple color palette, black, white and natural keeps it clean and not over cluttered.

(Domino Magazine)

Ever since Monica's eclectic apartment on Friends, I've coveted this vintage, flea market feel. I love the idea of mismatched chairs and since I don't have the budget for (nor do I want) a matching dining room set it works in my favor.

I like that these chairs don't match, but are all the same color so they look unified.

(Desire To Inspire)

Finally, I'm really into these mid-century modern chairs. I've actually already purchased the perfect pair from the flea market.

(Living Etc)

(Domino Magazine)