I have a kitchen table!

I am so happy to finally be able to entertain properly at a real table (albeit for only four people).

I am particularly tied to these pieces of furniture. Miraculously, this table survived being set on fire, stolen off the front lawn and sold for beer money (all of which happened to furniture from my college house), and stuck around until I had the perfect place to house it. The chairs came from the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, but not with out a price. These were exactly what I was looking for and only cost me cost me $20! However in transporting them back to my apartment I got a $100 subway fare evasion ticket for not swiping my UNLIMITED Metro card! That really killed my flea market find high.


The table needed a real good sanding to remove the five years of party residue and I finished it with a new coat of stain. I modernized the chairs with matte black paint and zebra print pony hair we had hanging around the office. Like my inspiration photos, I mixed it up with a lucite Tobias Chair from Ikea.


Come on over, I'll cook you dinner.