Thank you

Sometimes inspiration comes from the street, sometimes art and sometimes it takes a human form. This post is honor and thank a great friend and one of the most inspiring people I know, my good friend Karis.

(Karis in Brazil)

I like to think that I do a lot in my life. I'm on track in my career, I travel when ever possible, I make friends with everyone and everyone, in general really take advantage of life. However, Karis, a friend from Toronto, I met five years ago when we were both camp counselors in Pennsylvania, really embodies what it is to take advantage of the world. In the past five years she lived and worked in Hong Kong, helped with the tsunami relief, moved to Australia, worked for various magazines and TV shows in Toronto, spent a summer leading a West Coast tour, lived in Argentina, is currently conducting travel tours in South East Asia and these are only the things I can name off the top of my head!

Between all of these adventures she still makes time for every single one of her friends.

Below are a few photos of Karis' travels.

(Lake Louise)



(Hong Kong)


Thank you Karis for always supporting me and inspiring me.