Quirky Cool Clothes

This weekend I saw the Brothers Bloom. I didn't know much about the movie or the plot, so there were few expectations involved, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the film. The plot was good, the characters were lovable, but my favorite part was definitely the set and wardrobe. Set against the beautiful architecture of Eastern Europe and beautiful cost of Montenegro, the characters travel on glamorous trains and boats, each destination more beautiful than the last.

Of course I feel in love with the wardrobe; costume designer, Betrix Aruna Pasztor did a flawless job! Rachel Weisz's character, Penelope, is perfectly clad in Tibi-esqe shift dresses, vintage coats and charming hats.

The men looked dapper rocking fitted three-piece suits, skinny ties and ascots.

The highlight of the wardrobe styling was definitely the quirky side kick, Bang Bang. Rinko Kikuchi pulled off this non-speaking role flawlessly. Her make-up and clothes were some of the best I've seen and her accessories were spot on. The girl had on a different hat and pair of fabulous gloves in ever single scene!

Can't get enough.