Kitschy Needle Point

To go along with the "Grandma chic"theme of the quilt post I did on Tuesday, I present to you the new wave, kitschy needle points.

These tapestry pillows caught my eye in the June issue of Living Ect. Magazine. How wonderful it would be to steal a smooch on one of these lovelies.
(Emily Peacock)

One of my favorite Etsy Shops has a plethora of cheeky gems for your wall.
(Stitch Out Loud)

Life on the 6 train might be a little sweeter if I had this darling MP3 case to house my Ipod.

(Jonathan Adler)

I could see any one of these vintage beauties styled to perfection in my friend Beth's "Grandma Chic" Williamsburg apartment.

(All the Luck in the World via The Lucky Stone)