Guest Blogger: Tim

As most of my faithful blog followers know I have been trying out this new blog technique where I write from the perspective of another random person, so when I was approached this morning with the chance to guest blog for a dear friend of mine I jumped at the opportunity. I understand that most guest blogs involve bringing a fresh idea, spirit to an already existing blog but from the perspective of the guest I plan to bring fresh ideas and spirit to an existing blog from the perspective of the blog originator. In an effort to sound completely indulgent (my personal blogs mission) I will be writing as Lauren, about me!

I know it's only Wednesday and we haven't even neared the close of hump day, but I'm already getting excited for the weekend! One of my very special friends will be turning 24 this Monday and in celebration we will be having a 3 day slumber party.

Bringing us back to the old school with homemade dishes, gossip, phone calls to boys, everything save rejuvinating facial masks. Though we will be making a few all vegetarian treats thanks to some recipes courtesy of a favorite blog of both he and mine, so if we have any cucumbers left over we might reduce some stress lines. Rounding out the weekend with a meat-free alternative to an summertime all american favorite!

(Via Flickr, Jane Bird)

Hope everyone is having a pleasant week, try not to let the summer heat get you down.