I'd be the fifth wheel to this foursome

Ashley: Hey Lauren! How lovely it is to run into you shopping on the streets of Paris.
Me: Bonjour! Great seeing you guys. Did you make it to the Valentino show last night? It was stunning wasn't it?
Mary Kate: Yeah, it was so elegant and beautiful! Nate and I also took in the Giambattista show, fab.
Justin Bartha: Hey, we're about to break for a latte, would you like to join us?
Me: Oh yeah, I'd love to. I'm exhausted from shopping all afternoon. Mary Kate, you must be tired too from lugging that GIANT Lanvin bag around. What's in there anyway?
Mary Kate: I'll show you once we get to the cafe, but it's a fantastic frock I picked up to wear to the event tonight. I can get you on the list, but you're probably already on it anyway.

A girl needs day dreams. Happy Friday!