New Office Obsession

My co-worker, Todd, traveled to Seattle recently and brought back a tales of the finest coffee in Pacific Northwest town. We were all ears to hear about Stumptown, a Portland based coffee shop. Todd did some research and found out there was a New York location not too far from our office, on 29th Street, between 5th and Broadway. I was reluctant to walk the extra five blocks past Starbucks for my afternoon coffee, but boy am I glad I did. Not only is Stumptown's NYC location attached to the lobby of the BEAUTIFUL ACE Hotel, but also the baristas are tattooed hipsters disguised as newsies. If the aura of stepping back in time to the 1920's is only a charming gimmick to you, rest assured the delicious and reasonably priced caffeinated beverages are well worth the trip, you can ask anyone in my office.

Barista eye candy, definitely breaks up a dragging afternoon.

Charming Ace hotel lobby.