Girl Crush - Erin Wasson, Part II

To further my love for the ever stylish designer/model, Erin Wasson (and to continue my road trip week theme), I found this little anecdote in the November issue of Nylon Magazine. The story is part of "This American Life," a collection which asks prominent faces such as Yoko Ono, Anna Sui and BLAH, what America means to them. I appreciated all the answers, but I really connected with Ms. Wasson's tale. She tells about how she had been living in Williamsburg and on a whim she paid cash for a "For Sale" Ford Bronco she had been walking by for weeks. She sold all of her belongings (I would have loved to stumble upon that stoop sale) and headed out of the city. Wasson headed down the East coast, shut off her phone and traveled the entire country for months. After dealing with break downs and discovering America she headed back to New York with a new perspective.

This exact story is a page from my dream life. I am inspired by her free spirit. Wasson says, "A girl can learn a lot on the roads of America when she just lets the wind blow through her hair." I need to try that.