Where I'd ike to be Monday

This Monday I'm exactly where I want to be, and that's running around the city doing errands for my Costa Rica vacay in three short days! The bad news is that, I've been really down on my luck lately in the purchasing beauty products department.

First, a few weeks ago I took a shopping excursion to the Garden State Plaza in New Jersey, one of the few malls with the Abercombie brand store, Ruehl. I LOVE the men's cologne that they spray on every article of clothing they sell and I was excited to finally purchase the scent, since I've taken a hiatus from wearing it. My girl friend and I walked into a store full of empty shelves and learned that the chain was closing it's doors. They had plenty of the women's perfume available, but none of the coveted man scent. Does anyone know where I can get this without spending $100+/bottle on ebay? or have an equivalent alternative?

Second, I bought John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves way way back. I keep it in my beach bag, and while it actually does little for my pin straight hair, the smell is simply perfect. I still have about .5oz of summer captured in a scent to take on my trip, but I've got to have more, and they no longer make this product. Anyone know a good alternative with an equally intoxicating smell?