It's Friday, I'm in love

With this family.

Bravo got me again. I am in love with 9 By Design. A reality show about Sixx Design, made up of a husband/wife team, who build, gut, renovate, and make beautiful houses in New York City. Cortney and Bob Novogratz happen to have a large family, seven kids to be exact. Some how this duo make it all work with two sets of twins, a new baby born in the season premier and two other boys. The show is full of mayhem, but some how they make it look so fun.

With the Novogratz's country house,

with their beautiful kitchen,

and their whole lifestyle and attitude. You can see much more in their book, Downtown Chic. The season finale just aired, but you can see clips of the show here, as well as photos from all the spaces featured on the show.

I'm also in love with long weekends, its my fourth strait! See you Tuesday.