Hammer Time!

Are shiny pants too much?
A few weeks ago, when I was back in Michigan, I bought a pair of gold lamé, what can best be described as "Hammer Pants," at my very favorite vintage store, Mother Fletcher's. Thoughts of Jenna Lyon's appearance on Oprah flooded my head, while my mom and later my boyfriend doubted my purchase. I have sequin shorts, but shiny pants are a tougher sale, even though they are out there, as photos below from J. Crew and Les Chiffoniers.

My real predicament was styling these LOUD pants. I choose a casual vintage sweatshirt and platform sandals to complete the eclectic look.

I sported this look to work, to a mix of compliments and Hammer jokes, but days later Michael Kors sent this look down the runway.

What's up now, haters? Shiny pants, I think I will.