Gift Guide: Coco Canal

Today's fabulous gift guide was created by the talented fashion stylist behind Coco Canal. Melina has a one-of-a-kind style that's loaded with panache, she has an eye for accessories and a finger on what's next. Melina is also one of the artists behind Alegria, a non-profit collective dedicated to creatively investing in orphanages in the Andean regions of South America. To help, see item #10 on the list below.

1:: I recently moved into a new apartment and we signed up for a land line, old school it is! Hamburger Phone $28
2:: An oversize Alexander McQueen Scarf to tie as a turban...a la June Ambrose! $260
3:: There is no exception for an incredible Zebra Cowhide Rug, no substitution will do. $2,250
4:: An incredible coffee table book about an inspiring soul, Alexander McQueen:: Genius of a Generation. $19
5:: Year membership to the Moma. $75 (individual)
6:: I've realized I can't live without a Jiffy ESteam any longer, a wardrobe necessity. $79
7:: Easier than waiting for my friend to run to the ATM, Iphone Credit Card Reader! Free for device but you pay $.15/swipe and lose a percentage of the charge.
8:: I'm a coffee addict in the best way possible, Bodum French Press and Double Wall Mug. $29.95/each
9:: For your man: A new,updated Ernest Alexander Plaid Wax. $160
10:: For good: Purchase an Alegria bracelet for $20 and the proceeds go to fund supplies for the kids and their community.

If you can't wait until Friday to see what I'm asking Santa for, click over to Coco Canal.