Guift Guide: Undeclared Panache

This is what you've been waiting all week for, here is my gift guide.

1. I would love the perfect desk lamp to sew, read and internet-shop by.
2. I've been wanting a delicate, but bold, art deco, black onyx ring, maybe Santa will bring one this year...
3. I figure if I put a classic new or vintage bag on my list this year, maybe I'll get it by my 30th birthday.
4. Only recently I have started investing in beautiful coffee-table books, this is a beautiful book of my absolute place in the world...
5. and another book. I love getting a glimpse inside other people's inspirational houses.
6. This kimono is just beautiful, chic and versatile.
7. This camera is kind of anti-technology, but I love the nostalgic feel of Polaroids
8. In my next apt I would love a Mad Men style bar. These bar accessories are perfectly Donald Draper.
9. Every grown-up should have personalized stationary,
10. Because I've been inspired by my turban-wearing friend :)

Thanks for a great week of gift guide and guest posts, girls. Have a wonderful weekend!