Blank Canvas

Just two days left until moving day and our apartment is a maze of boxes. Claustrophobia is setting in and the 14 degree weather is not offering any relief. I've been working on my first DIY project for the new place, dip-dyed curtains for the bedroom, and I can't wait to share once I have the finished result. In the mean time here is a tour of the pre-moved in apartment.

The kitchen, view one. Note the open shelving and exposed brick.

Kitchen view two, note the dishwasher, an NYC luxury.

This armor is built into the living room and will make a good coat closet, but needs some love.

Living room(?) This room is where you enter the apartment and is off the kitchen, so naturally I see it as the living room from a layout standpoint, however, it's pretty small.

The closet is built in to the hallway, with doors on each side to make a nice little dressing nook.

This is the hallway closet from the other side, the office(?). This room is bigger than the living room(?), but is open to our bedroom. Layout wise I definitely see it as the office.

and, the bedroom.

And the only real draw back to our new place, the teeny-tiny bathroom. I didn't really think I could down-grade in the bathroom size department, but, this thing is small!!!