Textile Designer

I've been happily busy these past few cold February weekends working on the new apartment. I'm excited to finally share a few DIY projects I've been working hard on.

Project 1 - Dip-Dye Curtains

Curtains are so expensive!!! The curtains I really wanted for a window as tall as mine would have been the price of a piece of furniture. So I bought some simple textured cotton fabric and followed these steps.

1. Fold the fabric in half so that when you cut in half (after dying process) to make two panels they will be dyed equally.
2. Tie the doubled fabric to mark where you wanted the color to stop.

3. I choose a purple dye and mixed as instructed

4. Submerge the fabric up to the mark.
5. Every few minutes pull out a few more inches to achieve the dip-dye look.
6. Because my curtains were so large and such a big amount of fabric I had to move the tie down and repeat steps 3-5.

7. The measure, finish edges and sew the curtain rod pocket and you are ready to hang.

Looking forward to sharing another DIY tomorrow.