Meatless Wednesday!

For Valentine's I made reservations to take Kyle to cooking lessons, and finally, last Monday was the day. We went down to the Culinary Loft in SOHO (a gorgeous space!!) for "Meatless Monday" with chef, Peter Berley. Neither of us had never been to a cooking class, so this was a brand new and, as it turns out, really fun experience.

The menu included Root Vegetable Risotto with red beans and ginger, Winter Salad with pecans, dates and lemon vinaigrette dressing and maple roasted pears, cornmeal short bread cookies topped with creme fraiche.

Chef Berley giving a demo.

We took charge of the dessert.

Turns out there is quite an art to cooking risotto.

The finished product.

I completely recommend the Culinary Loft for classes and it's the perfect date.